This course serves as an introduction to Queer Cinema. It explores the distinct aesthetics of queer representation and offers a historical and theoretical account of the politics of gender, sexuality, race, disability, nation, and class that this mode of filmmaking has articulated since the mid-twentieth century. Although queer American cinema occupies a central position, this course transcends a single national cinema and presents instead a variety of queer cinema cultures originating from different countries, directors, and genres. We will begin our analysis with All About Eve (1950) and the (in)visibility of queerness in traditional Hollywood cinema, and subsequently proceed to its visual liberation in the American avant-garde, New German Cinema, British kitchen-sink realism, and, finally, its transgression into the embodied queerness of Stranger by the Lake (2013). This historical expose will provide students, in turn, with an overview of essential theoretical debates on the normativity of identity and its possible alternatives.



CINE-UT  317
Department of Cinema Studies
New York University
Spring 2017

Lectures: Thursdays, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Room 670
721 Broadway, 6th Floor
Department of Cinema Studies
Tisch School of the Arts
New York University