Week 7 – New Ethnicities

I was very interested in Stuart Hall’s essay and the ways in which it analyzes cultural responses to the increased visibility of the black struggle–and that of other races. The myth of the monolithic “black” experience is one that I have often struggled with in contemporary politics. For instance, the outsourcing of American Black trauma to British Black actors and directors–in the cases of Selma, 12 Years a Slave, and now Get Out–have long been deeply troubling to me. It is not quite that I think Steve McQueen is not well equipped to handle the topic of the transatlantic slave trade, but rather that I wish our filmmaking economy would support and lift up American black filmmakers who want to tell the story as well. While the majority of the essay was extraordinarily confusing to me, I do believe that the monolithizing of the Thai countryside can be thought of in Hall’s terms as well.



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