Week 10 Response

In Patricia White’s article Girls still cry, White brings up the idea that Boy’s Don’t Cry is shown through a female perspective, in the characters and extending to the way the audience sees the movie through this. She talks about how the film correlates to the ways certain movies of the time in mainstream media were targeting adolescent girls and young women, and that Boys Don’t Cry operates within the framework of these movies in that it directly incorporates queerness into a popular moviemaking genre or style. On page 221 White quotes Djuna Barnes saying that, in relation to the way romance is depicted in the movie and its popularity, “it has always been the girl in the boy, the prince in the girl that galvanized our desire; perhaps the ‘queerness’ of romance need no longer be disavowed” (221). The queerness in the movie allows for a better exploration into romance and what it means as it highlights the ways in which this depiction of romance and queerness fit into a larger mainstream context and also how it also doesn’t at the same time as it does not fit into a heteronormative system.


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